Study Aims

The outlook for children with CF has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, but there are still many things we need to understand. Through studies like ENHANCE we can focus on these areas that we need to learn more about. Our aims for this study are outlined below.

We aim to find out:

  1. The incidence, prevalence and progression of structural lung disease
  2. The long-term natural history of pulmonary function
  3. The incidence, prevalence and longitudinal progression of CF liver disease
  4. The prevalence, natural history and progression of exocrine pancreatic dysfunction
  5. The longitudinal natural history of gastrointestinal symptoms, inflammation and the gut microbiome compared to a healthy control population
  6. The longitudinal natural history of annual sweat chloride levels in infants and children of different ages, the influence of different treatments on this and its association with other outcomes
  7. The longitudinal natural history of mental health outcomes in children with CF compared to controls.